Abacus Group

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Abacus Group is an investment and general contracting organisation of Swiss and Austrian businessmen as well as construction professionals. Our team mainly specialises in Swiss and Austrian real estate and financial markets, and we have the necessary local expertise and social capital for the complete implementation of Swiss and Austrian real estate development projects.

Abacus Group has been established with the aim of helping and supporting those investors who wish to benefit from the opportunities offered by the Swiss and Austrian real estate sector. A real estate investment is a complicated and challenging process anywhere in the world, but the profit achievable from investing in Swiss and Austrian real estate may prove to be an attractive option for many.

Abacus Group is an investor in the Swiss and Austrian construction industry, mainly specialising in the construction of condominiums, terraced houses and multi-generation family homes. We have the necessary experience for each stage of the construction process; we can provide meaningful information in the field of financing, and assist our partners throughout the entire process.

Abacus Group is the European expert in Swiss and Austrian real estate investments.

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