General planning

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Here at Abacus Group, professionals and architects licensed by the Swiss and Austrian Chamber of Architects coordinate and carry out the planning, licensing and technical management functions for the entire duration of the real estate investment project.

A successful construction process begins with choosing the right architect. An essential part of the real estate investment project is to have an experienced professional who can coordinate the participating parties to ensure compliance with Swiss and Austrian building regulations, and who retains effective operational control over the entire design and development process.

The general planning process includes planning public utilities, building electrical systems, structural elements, roads etc., as well as landscaping, interior design and creating 3D renderings. The architects coordinating the general planning process are personally responsible for the completed designs and the work of industry-specific designers.

Once the completed plans are drawn and finalised, the next task is to obtain the necessary regulatory permits for the construction. Once the construction permits have been obtained, the construction work and the construction management performed by the architectural designer can start. Depending on the complexity of the projects, we prepare detailed implementation plans, announce and perform contractor tenders and carry out any planning coordination, construction coordination and local construction supervision activities.