Internship Programme

Abacus Group Gyakornok

Abacus Group is launching a self-development internship programme for university students and graduates who, in addition to their studies, wish to gather first-hand experience in the field of Swiss and Austrian real estate investments and real estate developments.

Within the framework of the Abacus Internship Programme, professional volunteers have an opportunity to gain insight into the daily business of a Swiss and Austrian property developer and become familiar with the professional and operational tasks associated with project implementation.

The participants in the internship programme can broaden their practical knowledge through a type of shadowing system. This means that they will spend most of their time with a real estate expert, taking part in professional discussions and negotiations, and last but not least, they are also given the chance to gain insight the into the work processes associated with real estate investments at construction sites.


Apply for the Abacus Group Internship Programme by providing the details below. After filling in the form, one of our colleagues will contact you regarding the further steps.