Expert in Swiss and Austrian real estate investments

Real estate investment

Abacus Group began its operations in Switzerland and Austria as a real estate investor and developer. Today, we offer a complete range of real estate investment services to our partners.

Real estate development

Our team of experts works effectively with you throughout a project’s entire lifetime, from the choice of the appropriate site and the implementation of the construction process through to selling the homes and apartments.

General planning services

Obtaining Permits
Here at Abacus Group, professionals licensed by the Swiss and Austrian Chamber of Architects coordinate and carry out the planning, licensing and technical management functions for the entire duration of the project.


Whether it is legal, taxation or financing issues in Switzerland and Austria, or design, licensing and construction processes that you need assistance with, Abacus Group’s experienced professionals offer you the best options and solutions.

Project management

The services offered by Abacus Group include – from the launch of the project onward – management of the entire project duration, as well as the preparation of evaluations and reports.

Real estate utilisation

The goal of a construction project can be to create a long-term cash-flow generating system based on the accumulation of wealth. In order to support these goals, we specialize in the operation of condominiums and sports complexes.